Horizontal End Suction NORM Pump: up to 2000 usgpm
Horizontal Split case CEP pump: up to 3000 usgpm
Fire fighting pump sets, have “UL LISTED” and “FM APPROVED” certification.

In these sets;
Electric Motor: MARATHON-USA UL-Listed / WEG-Brazil (UL-Listed)
Diesel Engine: CLARKE-UK (UL/FM Approved)
Controller: TORNATECH- Canada/UAE (UL/FM Approved)
And other connection equipment with UL Listed and FM Approved certification are used.

The performance of the pumps that we use not only meets the requirements of NFPA20 standard but also UL and FM standards.
Fire fighting pump set can be coupled as electric motor – diesel engine or two electric motors. The fire fighting pump set is equipped with a jockey pump in order to keep the system pressure constant or keep the system pressurized against small leakages.
General flow and Hm range of our End Suction Pumps: For FM; Q= 300-1000 gpm, Hm= 56-104 m

FM Approved Fire Fighting Pump Set

FM Approved pumps cannot be delivered as bare-shaft pumps. Pump, diesel engine, electric motor and controller should be delivered as a fire fighting pump set.
The controller and the diesel engine have to be FM Approved, the rest of the components of the set can be either FM Approved or not.
FM does not have a standard for electric motors used in fire pumps; therefore there is no FM Approved electric motor.

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