Profile of Advanced Power Technology.

ADVANCED POWER TECHNOLOGY is a private company based on Dhaka, Bangladesh. We are providing a wide range of Engineering products and services aimed at the industrial and commercial market. Our company is a highly innovative technology company, which specializes in the design and production of total solutions especially for the all Kinds of Industrial Pumping system, Fire Fighting Pump, also Fluid Technology application, and Fire Fighting Hydrant Accessories, Industrial and Commercial application. It was created in the year 2009. The company is a high technology engineering, consultancy, our employees have an extensive experience both in Industrial and Commercial line as well as remarkable knowledge of the capabilities of the local engineers to satisfy the current and the future needs of the Bangladesh market. Our portfolio of business is lined up with enduring, local growth drivers, and our employees bring exceptional focus in meeting the needs and demands of the people who acquire and utilize our products and services in all markets we serve.

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